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About US

I.C.E knows how to handle air. We have spent over five decades manufacturing units for heating, cooling, and filtration. I.C.E. systems are designed for industrial facilities and commercial buildings. We keep the air flowing in a wide range of places such as food processing and pharmaceutical plants, vehicle paint booths, hospitals, warehouses, and so much more.

Originally known for manufacturing natural gas conversion burners for oil and coal fired furnaces, I.C.E. became one of the first to manufacture a direct fired makeup air unit in Canada, the home of I.C.E.’s founder Don Bullocks.  Opening a new U.S. facility in Tennessee in 1993, we quickly became a respected leader in direct and indirect gas fired makeup air units as well as units with cooling, electric coils and heat recovery.  We also have a line of up to 200,000 cfm air turnover units and units with high turndowns of ratios up to fifty to one. I.C.E. also offers ninety five percent and Hepa filter options on most of our models.

One size does not fit all, which is why I.C.E. offers custom configurations for air handling, heat recovery, and process units. As with our standard units, these custom systems are built with energy recovery and conservation in mind, which means lower operating costs in the long run. You can trust that we stand behind every unit we manufacture with a well trained staff and representative network and we offer a two year parts warranty with every factory startup. 

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